Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anti Bullshit Powder

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My friend Dawn at the Karmic Konnection was talking about "anti-bullshit" powder the other day. Those of you who read my blog often (Really THANK YOU) know lately I've had a lot of bullshit happening in my life. An absolute TON of awesome things, like my Phoenix broom coming soon, working on my ritual robe,  my daughter discovering her magical power etc. So with that in mind, I decided I had to do this. I had to make some Anti Bullshit Powder.

my local organic store had eyebright tea bags, so I bought some of those, and tore them up. I already had blood root and black salt from the full moon before new years, and I got to grinding. To me there is something so comforting about the magical act of grinding herbs in a mortar and pestle, the physical grinding of the herbs and roots into a powder, the peace that fills your mind when you meditate on what thoughts and powers you want to put into what ever you are creating.

As I made this, I chanted

"Nemesis, Hectate, Sophia, protect from bullshit that finds me"

that was it, no long rite, no long drawn out spells, just a simple prayer to the Goddess'. I will be putting a small sachet next to my door to block any bullshit from coming into my house as well as taking a sachet with me to work in my bag. I will not let this affect me any longer.


Michelle Hooker said...

Love it....

Steve Thomas said...

You'll have to report on how it works!

srunequester said...

Yes, definitely, this should be files in my head.

srunequester said...


MammaChance said...

Excellent idea - has been a hectic week for sure...

Fridr Kelley said...

I know! I'm so happy with this, So far it has helped me a lot

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