Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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I've always believed dreams have power. This is a dream that has plagued me for years.

I have this dream, that I have all the time. I dream that my mom and I have to clean my dads trailer house (He hadn't lived in it for about 5 years before he died...no idea why we would have to clean it). The other part of the story is I am always having to get to Crestone (Colorado, close to where I grew up).

There are always variables, last night dad was still alive, but my mom and I were walking through the trailer trying to figure out how we could clean it since it was so mice infested, and made the comment it would be better to just burn it.

Last night, the variable also was that our neighbors had built a huge shop and were having to cut down tons and tons of trees (which is odd since the biggest "tree" there is a chico bush). I asked permission to gather some twigs for wands, and had to hide them to my dad to built the wands out of the trees (which were spruce).

When we got in the car to go back to saguache (not crestone, which was where I am always trying to get to, and needed to get to in my dream, then all the seats in the car were full and I ended up sitting on the door.

Majorly confused by this dream, I have it often, but I cannot pin down any "theme" happening in my life when I have this dream.

Any ideas?



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