Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spring cleaning for Brigid.

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Today is Imbolc. I am I suppose of the old people. I believe that spring cleaning is a rite for Brigid. I am fond of the cleaning of the house. Making it pretty. I've always longed for a cottage that I could white wash on this day. Making it pretty on the outside. While having the inside clean and shining.

As an artist often my house looks like a hurricane has hit it, I affectionately call it Hurricane Fridr. Within 1 arms length I have quilting, embroidery, knitting, hand sewing, and several ritual robes I'm designing. That doesn't even come to start with the cooking that is going on at any point in time in my house.

So, with today being Imbolc, I am longing for a pristine, clean house. One that just sings of organization and delight. I am, as I have mentioned a Capricorn, I have major OCD with that. I love right angles and clean organization. I love the Japanese style with their love of simple things that sing of well made design. Pity I am way not that type person. The artist in me has ADHD and I cannot stay focused long enough to keep myself organized.

so today, my prayer to Brigid,

O' Goddess, Brigid.
Your joy is in the earth, the fields of well planted rows.
The lambs frolick with joy as you bring them to life.
Your people churn, they clean in homage of you.
Please O'Goddess shed your light upon
so our light, our harvests will be sung
in honor of your first planting.



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