Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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Today, I was assaulted at work. I don't mean someone hit me, or physically touched me. I mean someone the phone (I work at a call center) on the phone told me I should have my boyfriend fuck me till I screamed so I wasn't such a cunt. I was assaulted. That man, Raped me today. Not physically no. I cannot press charges over this, my manager sure won't do anything. Yet I feel just like I did after I was raped. I have that urge to hide under my desk, pull a blanket over myself and scream. I feel the urge to throw up repeatedly until there is nothing left in me.

I feel violated.

My Manager told me to "suck it up".

It is taking every ounce of my will power, not to want to cast a spell, to send energy to this man that will do...horrible things to him. I don't want that kind of karma. Yet...I want to. Oh Goddess do I want this man to feel as I felt today.

I am having serious issues with being, the light...good person I know I am...and the rage filled angry person I feel just teetering on the edge of my mind.


Sera Gibson said...

I have had things like this happen to me. It's not easy, and it does suck. Just remember you are better than this person, you have people backing you up even if you don't know them. The best way to handle this is to do something for yourself, light some cleansing incense and just let it out, scream ,write, yell, throw things if you have to.

Steve Thomas said...

How about casting a spell that all the women in that man's life will move away from him. It helps them and he will be a very lonely man. Two birds with one stone and you didn't do anything negative! :)

Fridr Kelley said...

I appreciate that Sera, it's hard...very hard to cope with this. Apparently people don't seem to want to care.

Fridr Kelley said...

Steve, Thank you so much! That is the perfect idea

Anonymous said...

Two things: first, get care for yourself. "Ignore it and get over it" = "let it fester." You were hurt. Seek healing.

Second: I have no empathy for attackers, but a lot of them really do start assaulting others out of a defensive effort to protect their vulnerabilities. Horrible action against him will only make him attack more, and his next victim might be a lot weaker than you. My wish is that he learns the truth about himself, regrets the harm he's done, and never hurts another.

And I wish you a balm, and refreshment of spirit.

William said...

Sorry you had to run into such a person. While I agree with not directly taking action, on the other hand going directly to the Goddess and, doing some venting wouldn't be out of line. Let her deal with him, knowing that what payback she deals out will worse than anything that you personally could think of.

MammaChance said...

I would have to agree with William. I have stopped trying to affect others with spells and petition goddess directly regarding my ills. She knows exactly what needs to be done and is much more direct than I could ever be.

Fridr, my heart goes out to you. I worked call centers before and they're no cake walk for sure. Take a basil bath to dispell the negativity cast upon you by this person.

Take a cup of boiling water and pour it over a teaspoon of dried basil in a coffee cup and cover it with the saucer or plate. Let this infusion cool to room temp - about 20 minutes. Add the mix to a warm bath (you can remove the bits of basil or leave in - your choice). Light candles if you wish. Soak in the bath, occastinoally ladling the water over your head cleansing the negative gift this person gave to you. Your spirit should be lifted.

Best always and be well...

Fridr Kelley said...

Thank you so much MammaChance. That sounds like the perfect thing

Toni Mcintosh said...

You absolutely could press charges and you certainly should....People should learn that they have no right to speak to another person that way!
On the other hand I guess you have to feel a little sorry for someone who's command of the english language is so limited that he could think of nothing more constructive to say.
Stay Blessed ~Toni~

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