Wednesday, February 6, 2013


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‎"Ever would Ódin
on earth wander
weighed with wisdom
woe foreknowing,
the Lord of lords
and leaguered Gods,
his seed sowing
sire of heroes."
—J.R.R. Tolkien; Völsungakviða En Nýja, Upphaf: 18

I have often thought of Odin, as the Father I would love, the Uncle that would scare me, and the Husband I've craved. The runes I yearn to learn how to read scream out that I need to learn the Norse ways. The Valkyries scream to me. Aching for me to be there, to learn the ways of Valhalla. 

Truthfully, I am far too afraid of death, of living, of most things. Worse, I am dreadfully afraid of appearing foolish before the Gods. At times, I do rituals, positive I am doing them wrong. I feel the power coursing through me. As though the Gods themselves ache for me to perform the rites in their honor, yet...what if I do them wrong? 

Ach...I wish I had the blood of the heroes, the blood of the Gods who could affect great change...alas, I am normal. 

Special in my own ways, but normal non the less


Elizabeth J Salix said...

In our Way, there is no wrong way to do rituals. The Gods don't expect us to be perfect, they're not keeping score. I guess what I'm trying to say is to follow your heart, listen to the fire inside, do what feels right; only if you adopt an attitude of failure will you have failed.
The blood of the Gods flows in all of us, it is one of the great strengths of the Folk.
Hail and be well,
-E. Salix

"Those who walk in love and troth will grow in strength and honour."

Steve Thomas said...

A good post. I often wish you would expand a bit more. You get me going and then stop. Tell me more!

Fridr Kelley said...

Elizabeth, thank you so much!

Steve! I usually end up feeling like i'm rambling, I'll start writing more

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