Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ritual clothing.

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I am making myself some ritual clothes at the moment. I'm starting with my cloak. This will also be something I wear to work. I'm embroidering Hades and Persephone on it as we speak. They are going to go on a pocket. On each of the gores, and possibly just smattered around in attractive ways, will be the wheel of the year, the 5 elements, various Gods/Goddess. While I'm working on this, I'm thinking about in the Mists of Avalon, when Morgaine made the scabbard that protected Arthur from bleeding. I am wondering, if I can make this something like that.

I can't really make this a HUGELY sacred space, I share my craft area with my mom. That isn't really possible. The most I can do is put up little images of the Gods, and have them present. This is such a wonderful thing. Honestly I can feel the new birth from Persephone. I can feel the comfort of Death with Hades, the going to rest after a long journey.

I will post progress, possibly if I cast any spells or do anything along those lines while I do this process

I am so excited.

I am curious though, what all I will learn doing this. I cannot imaging making something on this scale for another person. Mainly because I'm anticipating about 200 hours on the embroidery machine...maybe less but somewhere in that ball park. Not to mention the time sewing the thing together, finishing the seams, getting a hood to fit on it. Not to mention I have no idea how to bless ritual clothes for someone else.

So much of the spell caster is woven into this, I keep thinking of the spell Niniane wove against Kevin Harper. The one that rebounded upon her, and she ended up committing suicide. What sort of powers, spells, protections would you have to weave on yourself to keep yourself calm? To keep yourself from getting that wrapped up in the ritual?

These are things that are on my mind while I work on my own ritual cloak. I cannot wear this cloak near a fire, it is made from fleece which would melt like no ones business near a fire, I don't have any wool for a wool cloak, but I can't really wear wool to work, *itches* it's okay for small ritual work, but not the big picture for myself.

I'm  curious though, what spells would you weave into ritual clothes, if you could?



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