Thursday, May 30, 2013

And so, the world turns.

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As parents we always wish to believe our children are "right" that they don't lie. That the people we send them to are not taking as good of care of them as we would. After all,we are their parents. Wouldn't we do the absolute best in teaching them? Alas for many of us work gets in the way. So we have to send our precious angels to school, to day care, summer camps and all along those lines.

Yesterday, I blogged about someone who refused to let my daughter go to the bathroom. My daughter said she pee'd her pants because of this. It turns out what happened was, my daughter just didn't go to the bathroom. My daughter was lazy enough that she just couldn't be asked to go to the bathroom, so she pee'd her pants. Then lied about it. Therefore getting into a lot more trouble than she would have if she had just gone to the bathroom.

Here is the "rules" for the bathroom in my daughters classroom. You pick up the stick, and go to the bathroom. The stick counts as the hall pass. No need to ask permission. Nothing. You just. Go. To the bathroom. My child, my beloved angel, simply couldn't be asked to do that.

She has repeatedly lied about things that are happening at school, I've been thinking through the year that my daughter was hated by her teacher. I have tried to communicate with the teacher, only to have things scheduled when I am at work. I don't work at a place that I can just leave for things like this. I just can't do that. Anyway.

I wish to apologize, for my post yesterday. I was righteously angry. Never the less, I made a lot of people upset, for my daughter. I wish...seriously, to apologize for this.

My daughter, will also learn that while Karma will come back and bite you in the ass, lying like this will bring far swifter repercussions. IE. No Litha festival for her. She is not getting her Athame, and she will most likely not be going to camp this year.

And, she will be staying in Elementary instead of going to Middle school.


Anonymous said...

Alas...the trials of being a parent. I have spent my time sitting with teachers/Principals/parents, sorting things out and finding out the truth. It does have a way of always coming to light.
Maybe next time she will make better choices. Removing privileges is an awesome idea, and one I used for my boys. It is through unacceptable actions and thinking that they were lost.
Perhaps next time she will remember and be a better person for it.

Fridr Kelley said...

Anna, I certainly hope so. It feels at the moment like I have tried literally *everything* under the sun with her...but hopefully this will all work

TJ Van said...

Well, I don't know what to say except that there is no need for you to apologize for this. You simply did not know. As for your daughter, well...

I can't give you any advice there. I'm just 18 myself, so I have no idea what being a parent is like. But still. I wish you good luck.

Victoria Weber said...

As a parent of 5 children myself, I can identify with you completely. I too believe that taking away priveleges is also a very important form of discipline. However I may disagree with the taking away of anything to do with the craft, as this is not particularly a priveldge as it is a way of life, worship, spirituality and for want of a better word, her religion. To me that is not really a give or take situation. The Athame, well yes, no athame, sounds good. Perhaps to only observe rather than fully partake in the festival rituals, important. These of course are suggestions, as I've been wrong and guilty of mistakes (shhhh don't tell my children)... Stories and references of things that can happen because of those little white lies, little boy who cried wolf or even how the teacher could have lost her job and then she could get in trouble for perjury. Extreme I know but just to make a point. I have often told my own children, that I cannot back them up if I don't know the truth, whether they are right or wrong I've got thier back and will always love them but i should always be able to trust them. Us against the world type of thinking I guess. Hope to have helped you see from another perspective, Blessed BE

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