Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pufferfish/blowfish as my spirit animal.

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I've often made the comment I don't have a spirit animal, and lately it has sort of really worried me. I don't know why all of a sudden it has been on my mind all the time. Like, every time I meditate every time I cast a spell, or casts a circle....all sorts.

So, I set about to figure this out. After all, everyone has a spirit animal right? That's what all the books tell me.

So...I started reading about them.

1. think back to a time when an animal went out of its way to get your attention. In a way that is typically out of that animals behavior.

Hmm. okay.

2. They come to you in dreams. Well...we all know my dreams are screwed up so lets skip THAT over shall we? animals acting strangely.

The first image that slammed into my head, and I mean like the skit where the two x four hits someone and knocks them into the water, was when I was at the Albuquerque aquarium and the puffer fish spent 15 minutes trying to come through the 9 inch glass and make out with me. I mean it was trying *Everything*. I would put my hand up and it would rub itself against my hand as if trying to get pet by my hand.

Hmm...Could it be a puffer fish?

maybe. Wait...these things appear in my dreams from time to time. Never as a main character, but usually in a"Hey so we are in the middle of an inter galactic battle, Oh look...a puffer fish....right back to hunting mammoths"

Yeah I never said my dreams were normal okay?


what does a puffer fish mean as your spirit animal?

Pufferfish/Blowfish/Porcupine Fish's Wisdom Includes:
  • The fatal beauty
  • Defense through inducing fear in ones enemy
  • Transmutation of poison
  • Power to induce death-like state
    • Use of size as a deterrent

What the hell...does that mean? 



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