Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to make a wand. (The irreverent Fridr way)

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You ask the tree (even if the limb has fallen) May I use part of you, to aide me in my magickal workings. Wait for an answer, it will come. Yes or no. If need be use a pendulum to help you with this. 
You find a tree YOU resonate with. If your favorite memory of a tree is you climbing an old cottonwood tree growing up, by gods use that. Or if you love the memories of going to cut down a Yule tree every year, well awesome. Use that. Or if you love gathering acorns to make cute little things with, grab oak. Favorite thing to eat is pancakes with maple syrup? Go for it. Your wand is YOU. Not me, not Silver Ravenwolf, not any one else. This wand is YOU.
Great, so you found a wand. It is magnificent. It has little curves in it and knots and makes it just look awesome and wonderful. Now what? Okay, you peel the bark off. Or not. totally personal choice, (pink can *HURT* though so consider it. Do this in what ever way makes sense. Does it need just lightly sanded off. Great, do that, or does it need a pen knife to peel the bark off...great. Make sure you put on some safety glasses, wood chips in your eye hurts and will make you have a negative connotation with your wand. (NOt something that is desired). 
Now that your wand is 'prepped' and ready to go. You think. What symbols do I want on my wand? Do I even want any? Should I put crystals on it? Well maybe, if you want to. By all means have fun. None. And I repeat none of this is set in stone. This wand is yours. If you want to draw pretty pictures of stick cats on your wand, it. Again, this wand is you. 
after you have decided and wrote it all down on your bos. you begin getting to work. I don't cast circles or anything along those lines. I just get down to work. I may ask a specific god/dess for help. Or...just ask the Universe to make sure I don't burn the crap out of my hand with the hot glue gun, or wood burner. 
I gather up all my supplies, crystals if I am using them, leather, feathers. Ju Ju beans (Nope, makes for sweet work and sometimes that's what is needed). Then settle down to the business of getting to work. 
I first, if i will be wood burning symbols onto my wand, draw them by hand with a pencil. Then, burn them in with the tool (get your tool hot, please...other wise it will take for blinking ever). Then, you hot glue your symbols (or super glue, but I tend to glue my fingers together, so I opt out of super glue.)
Then I lay out my crystals, my polymer clay, what ever I am going to use to make my wand. Then..finish. I oil my wand with Murphy's  oil soap. It brings out an awesome glow to the wood. Then bless it with essential oils. After that, I seal it with some sort of varnish. No point in your hard work going to waste is there?
Yep. pretty simple. 

(this was just written for "the crafty witch" and thought I'd share it here. I'll so some step by step photos soon)



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