Thursday, January 17, 2013


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I'm having a very odd moment lately. After almost 8 years of being alone, I've decided that I want someone in my life again. So, in the spirit of the post a few days ago I decided to write a spell. It wasn't easy last night doing so, but I'm working on it. I rarely ask for anything for myself. A good 90% of the spells, prayers, things I make are for others. This one definitely was a challenge. 

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
Bring to me the one I need
I do not seek the purity of a dove
I ask not out of greed

I beg for arms to hold me tight
I crave the warmth of arms embrace
I ask not out of fright
I wish instead my pulse to race

Eyes of brow, black, green or blue
Hair of gold, mahogany, or ginger
I do not care what hue
Please dear Goddess bring the one who will linger

Please make them someone who will not harm
my daughter needs a father
His heart be open and full of charm
Please bring her the man for her mother. 

I figure I will put a rose quartz on an altar, as well as a red candle, and rose incense on an altar I plan on making this weekend dedicated to Aphrodite. I have no idea what sacrifice, or changes she will ask of me in order to bring this, but....I hope.  



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