Monday, January 21, 2013

Being Pagan, at work.

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The two people at work that are really interested spent all day reading my books. The encyclopedia of spells, and the Solitary Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf....I had no problem at all with them reading, and learning from them. I am normally obsessive about my books. The whole "don't touch" rule and all. However I am finding a peace with them reading my books.

Tonight...several people came up, and said "I hear ghosts, can you help me?" or "....I am...I'm confused about something, would you call me so we can talk?"..

I am an empath..I always have been, it is like breathing, and all day I would randomly be on the verge of tears, I had a horrible coaching with my team lead that ended me in tears. I shut down...when I am criticized.  This whole coaching was I felt drained, with the energy around me and then this it made the day very hard. So...

As I was getting ready to leave, N..the girl who is reading the books..showed the book to a manager...
I will totally admit I had massive fears boiling inside me. All I could think was "crap, I'm going to get fired or something.".

She stared at me for a little while...then leaned in.

"My son, I just found out is using heroin, my oldest son is going to be locked up for 60 days, help me, I don't know who else to turn too. "

Oh Goddess, I know I am there for a reason, please please Athena grant me the wisdom to do this, and the strength to help those who need me. I hate my job but obviously I have got to be there...doing this, for those there.

I feel so unequal to this task.


Allyson Szabo said...

Take a deep breath, and do what you do. You're where you're supposed to be. :) Remember, too, that you're not a therapist or a counselor, so if people ask for help, you need to let them know that. Offering to listen is probably the single most important and useful thing you could do, to be honest. You'd be surprised how many people just want to be *listened* to. If you can, consider a therapist of some kind for yourself, too... helpers, whether medical, spiritual or psychological, always need someone safe to talk to.

Good luck to you!

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