Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oracle cards.

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I have always been hands down a Tarot card person, I've never really read the runes, I've never liked "spirit" cards or the "medicine" cards. That was until I was told "Oh just play with my oracle cards." Holy goddess was I instantly in love with them. I first started playing with the
Goddess Oracle deck, beautiful stunning colors, amazing definitions. Oh! and they made sense! Spot on, I have never ever read cards that were as accurate as these were. So. I bought myself a deck. Same ones, I bought myself these rocked. I loved them. My boss at work was talking about how she wanted a deck for her birthday so Off I trot to the  Karmic Konnection and purchase another deck. This time the Enchanted Map deck. I gave my boss the choice she could choose the ones she liked the best. That means I got to keep the enchanted map deck.

I absolutely love how accurate they are. What is annoying though is these, where sometimes the tarot deck will sugar coat things, the Oracle cards sort of bitch slap you and say "Listen up punk, you'll either listen do what you need to do, or guess will keep repeating the same mistakes...over..and over..and over again". I love how brutally honest these decks are.

What is further cool about them, is how with Tarot generally each card has the same meaning in each deck, with Oracle cards this is not the case. At all. Each deck has their own ideology and the like. You do have to sort of watch though. For me, a great many decks are very Christian. That makes me very extremely uncomfortable. I would say I wish that they would almost put a warning sign up. "warning, christian ideology abounds" or something.

Within the Enchanted map tarot deck, this is my favorite card. I'm not sure why exactly but it absolutely speaks to me.



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