Sunday, July 7, 2013

Numbers in Magick.

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Apparently I am horribly remiss in my writing as of late. In truth, here goes. Lately things from numbers, to psychology to discovering the joys of Christopher Penzak have attacked my brain. Leaving me apparently with out any ability to write coherently. If in doubt, see my last blog post for an example. I still don't know what's going on there.

So...With that in mind here goes. 

Numbers. I will not say that I am the greatest math nerd ever, however I have been known to geek out on occasion. For those who have read Hitchhikers   you will know that 42 is "the answer". However how many of you actually know how cool the number 42 actually is? 

So, here it goes. 
  • Forty-two is a pronic number and an abundant number; its prime factorization 2 · 3 · 7 makes it the second sphenic number and also the second of the form { 2 · 3 · r }. As with all sphenic numbers of this form, the aliquot sum is abundant by 12. 42 is also the second sphenic number to be bracketed by twin primes30 is also a pronic number and also rests between two primes. 42 has a 14 member aliquot sequence42, 54, 66, 78, 90, 144, 259, 45, 33, 15, 9, 4, 3, 1, 0 and is itself part of the aliquot sequence commencing with the first sphenic number 30. Further, 42 is the 10th member of the 3-aliquot tree.
That was copied exactly from Wikipedia. Okay. So what does all of this mean? Well lets start. 

A sphenic number is something that is the product of 3 prime numbers. 3, as we all know is a magickal number. Therefore making 42 a magic number. It is also divisible by 3. Which means it can be used in rituals. Divide 42 by three and you get? 14. So if for 3 nights you repeat your ritual 14 times (your chat, your spell etc) it should have a pretty powerful effect. (figuring this is a noun, not a verb, unless you are affecting change with your ritual. )

Now, what is an aliquot number? Meh....well I don't understand what that is, so I won't get into that however 42 is a pretty damned cool number.

Numbers are used in magick all the time. We repeat things 9 times, we call 5 corners (including spirit) and we just use numbers. I truly believe that math is magickal. Plus it is very cool when you actually stop and think about it. 



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