Friday, June 21, 2013


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Lithia started to me as somewhat of a dark and dreary thing. When it should be full of light I will not lie and say it was as such. It was pretty bleak. Over the past few months when watching what I ate, and how I ate...we've sort of come to the conclusion I am probably gluten intolerant.

Oh....the cakes, the pies, the chimichangas...I shall miss you all.


Will I?
Oh I realize most of my "convenience" food will go away. IE those frozen burritos I love covered with Stokes Green Chili which for those of you who live east of the Rockie Mountains, I am so sorry for you. Really I am. I don't know how you cope without the wonders of Green Chili. No....I don't mean jalapenos. I mean that scrummy green chili that makes President Obama put in an order for 5 gallons to be shipped, billed to his own credit card from Pueblo Colorado once a month. is a new form of crack; and most who live in the west consider it a condiment, much akin to ketchup or fry sauce (for a shout out to you Utah people).

I mean it, if you have never had it, you must. frozen burritos -out

but that means I can make my own...with corn tortillas and the like. This may not be all bad.
While I may have felt like this.....
(artwork done by Blue-fly over on Deviant art)
 It really is not all that bad. I am not facing this eating monster that will deprive me of everything I love. No! I can still eat pasta. Corn pasta to be sure...but I will learn to adapt. Or rice pasta, or...or...or

I am considering this, that Demeter...

The wily Goddess that she is, is demanding that I learn a new way for my health. I asked the Goddess Sekhmet for help with my health not too long ago. I consider this might be the slap in the face, the o'so Gentle Physician that she is, that she is giving me to make me take better care of my body. To get and do what I need to do. After all. This is wildly important isn't it? 

What better time than as the daylight is begin such a journey. If I want my ill health to wane, why not do it during the waning of the year?

Thank you O'Goddess, in all your forms for the light you are showing me. For the Dark you make me face, and for the joy through it all



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