Friday, August 9, 2013

The Moon

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For me the moon is both very easy, and very hard to sit down and write about. My journey with the moon began when I was barely 3 weeks old experiencing my first full moon. From that age, I never really slept during the full moon. I was wide awake. However I first started, on my own, paying attention to the moons cycles was when I was about 12. I read Jean M. Auel's book "The Valley of the Horses". When Ayla talked about noticing that her period always came at a certain time of the moon, I started to wonder if mine did. So, I wrote it down. Imagine my disappointment when with my body being the asshole that it is, my periods would sometimes be 5-6 months apart. There was of course the usual "Oh holy shit, what if I am pregnant" that any 12-16 year old would have. Nope. That wasn't the case. In fact I was in all honesty not very likely to have this happen to me. Ever. 

The moon grows, and shrinks. It has cycles that have been proven to affect human bodies, the tides and all sorts of odd things. I have always had a hard time sleeping during the full moon. Conversely during the dark of the moon, it feels like I can barely stay awake. 

During my teens, I became Mormon. This drew me away from any form of Moon worship. After all there is but One God. How can I be interested in the Moon? Bah. By the time I was 19, I discovered again how delighted I was in the moon, the stars and the like. I began my avid study once more. She welcomed me back like a lost child. I would moon bathe, always more comfortable in the light of the moon than the light of the sun. The sun was "too" bright. Too intense for me. The dark of the moon, while I never can really get past a bed during it, is my favorite time of the month however. 

Hecate chose me long ago. Giving me an affinity with dogs. Even Raging Angry Dogs, just curl up like puppies at my feet. Three Way cross roads are always a hint of mystery to me. I, love to take the road less traveled by. I celebrate of course the full moons. Doing small chargings and the like. It is the dark moons that draw me to wanting to do my deeper Magicks. 

However, I easily start new things, struggle with completing them. Esbats for that reason are difficult. The slow acting ones for me are easy though. Hence why I love and adore the Dark Moon Magick. 

The full moon is great for setting the stage for new things, doing magickal healing on "others" not yourself. Conversely the dark of the moon is for more personal things. Like Personal growth, self healing and the like. 

In my tradition there are 13 moons, each have their name. Beginning in January we have the 
Wolf Moon
Storm moon
Chaste moon
Seed moon
Hare Moon
Dyad Moon
Mead Moon
Wyrt Moon
Barley Moon
Blood moon
Snow Moon, 
Oak Moon

There is also a "floating" Moon. The Blue moon. This happens when there are 2 full moons in a calendar month. BLue moons are the Goal moon. Set slow acting goals on this time. Like...graduating from college, buying a new house. Those sort of things. Record progress moon to moon.

Blessed be. 



Venus Hori said...

Thank you Fridr Kelley for sharing that. It is so wonderful to hear others experiences and thoughts on matters. Just makes you feel like you're not alone on your journey. :-)

Fridr Kelley said...

Venus, thank you so much! I hope you never feel like you are "alone". Many of us are here sharing your journey.

Becky Shelton said...

Merry meet! Love your post! It's so nice to hear your personal story about the moon and a bit about Hecate. Thank you for sharing!

Kris said...

I just joined this community and I too enjoyed your story. Why is it we all seem to be drawn to this nature based religion. You know something is missing in your life but not sure what it is and when you find it, it's like coming home!

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