Wednesday, August 7, 2013

and I have no idea what sort of title to put.

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I suck. I really do. I haven't been able to sit down and do any form of blog post to save my life lately. It's been a pretty Magickal world for me. It really has. Two people have messaged me asking to get together and study. That to me is holy crap exciting. I cannot really explain it all. Me? I'm not that experienced or anything along those lines. I have no real "skills". I am such a hedgewitch it's not even funny. I get energized when it rains, I soak up sunlight like a lizard, yet never can tan.

The thought of casting a circle gives me a heart attack. I'm not comfortable with how I perform Magick in public. Maybe however it is the Goddess telling me I need to. In fact. I had to be bullied by someone into writing this blog post. I just couldn't focus long enough to be able to do this. How utterly daft is that?

I am, again getting very hedgewitchy. None of this fits in with the "letter" for the pagan blog project which is just annoying. This week I believe is P. Ugh?

Anyway. I wrote, I feel better. I might write again later.

I probably will.

Loves Fridr



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