Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paranormal Activities.....at work.

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As some of you know, I am making (by hand the shirt, by machine the kilt) Jorah Mormonts outfit from Game of thrones, for one of the guys at work. J and I were sitting there talking about the outfit, and how hard it was to find pictures of the actors ass so I could figure out how the kilt actually looked. I have odd conversations at work. Possibly the strangest being "I need to know what side you dress on so your baby momma doesn't come kill me when your bits don't work after you sit down". It's been an odd week to be perfectly honest. How many places can you work when it is perfectly acceptable for someone to say "Hey here is my measurements, it's on the left and btw, don't worry about the jewels it's an open kilt not chaps". With out any one blinking an eye?

So anyway, back to the paranormal activities, as many of you know I have lately become somewhat obsessed with Sekhmet, and a friend of mine who had seen me reading another book about solitary witchcraft came up to me while we were talking about Jorah Mormonts ass, and said "I need to talk to you right now." The guy looked like death had come and slapped him and said "Bitch you're mine".

So we work in a call center, it isn't exactly easy to have a private conversation, so we talked briefly. He's been having trouble at home looking for say the car keys and they will turn the house upside down looking for the car keys and then find them exactly where they looked the first time. R and D have been fighting constantly over this. I gave him the book Invoking the Egyptian gods, and told him to read the chapter on Sekhmet. He was worried about not having any white robes, me being the practical Witch that I am stated "Dude, white t-shirt and bvds...it works man the Gods don't care what it is as long as you make it mean something".

I gathered up a ouija board for him, as well as some sage and a few protective emblems. Some black stones. Gave him a few talismans, and the like. I gave him a tarot deck, and I swear the peace that is around him right now is crazy. He gave me one of his ear gauges...when he gave it to me we both got a very sharp shock...later that night I was meditating with the gauge, and then went into the kitchen for some boiling water to drink touched my daughters shoulder and her and I both almost buckled the shock was so strong. Obviously something is going on here, I have no idea exactly what....but this is pretty interesting.


Nicole Lillian said...

Never is there a dull day :)
love n light

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